Learn About Heart Rate Target Zones

Main advantage of having a Heart Rate Monitor is that it helps you to maintain the optimal heart rate target zone within your limits. In other side heart rate monitor acts as your pacemaker, telling you when to speed up or slow down. This option mainly available in the higher end models. Exercising within the right heart rate zone helps optimize your performance.

First Thing’s First

Before you calculate the target zone it’s better to know about your resting heart rate. Your resting heart rate is the number of times of your heart beats per minutes when it’s at rest. It’s better to check your resting heart rate in the morning. The normal heart rate is 60-80 beats per minute, but it’s depend on physical fitness of a person. Now   count your pulse rate for 10 seconds by keeping first two fingers(not the thumb) on the inside of your wrist. Multiply the count by 6 to find your beat per minute.    You want to stay between  50% to 85% percent of your maximum heart rate. This range is your target heart rate.

Target Zone

The target zone is a percentage range based on your maximum heart rate (HRmax). There are lot of algorithms developed to calculate a HRmax ,but the simplest is;

HRmax=220 – YOUR AGE

The following table shows estimated target heart rate for different ages.

Heart Rate Target Zone
50-85% (beats/min)
Avg. Maximum Heart Rate
100% (Beats/Min)
20 100–170 200
25 98–166 195
30 95–162 190
35 93–157 185
40 90–153 180
45 88–149 175
50 85–145 170
55 83–140 165
60 80–136 160
65 78–132 155

We can divide target heart rate zone in to five zones .Each zone has different benefits.

Healthy Heart Zone

  • 50% -60% of your maximum heart rate.
  • Works to help decrease body fat, blood pressure and cholesterol
  • You may be breathing faster than usual
  • In this zone, the body derives it energy by burning 5% protein ,10% carbohydrates and 85% fat.


Fitness Zone

  • 60%-70% of your maximum heart rate
  • Getting the same health benefits  as the healthy heart zone
  • You will be breathing heavier but will still be able to speak in short sentences.
  • In this zone, the body derives it energy by burning 5% protein ,10% carbohydrates and 85% fat.


Aerobic  Zone

  • 70-80% of your maximum heart rate.
  • Aiming for 20-40 minutes give you the best training benefits
  • You may have to user race-walking  techniques to get in to this zone


Anaerobic Zone – Threshold Zone

  • 80% – 90% of your maximum heart rate
  • You will be unable to speak at this moment except a word
  • Workout should be for  10-20 minutes
  • You cant achieve this heart rate by walking,you may have to use race-walking techniques


Red-Line Zone

  • 90% – 100% of your maximum heart rate
  • You will be unable to speak at this moment
  • You burn lots of calories per minute in this zone
  • You should consult with your doctor to ensure you can work out at such a high heart rate safely.


If you’ve got a heart condition, ask a healthcare skilled regarding what exercises you can engage in, what your target heart rate should be and whether or not you need to be monitored throughout physical activity. This may also assist you to choose the categories of physical activity that are applicable for your current fitness level and health goals, because some activities are safer than others. So it’s easier to check your heart rate by buying a good heart rate monitor .

Types of Heart Rate Monitors

If you’re curious about the differences between chest strap heart rate monitors, strapless heart rate monitors, and ring monitors this article will tell you all you want to know.

There are basically two major types of heart rate monitors. Those used for athletic training purposes and those used for medical reasons, like baby heart rate monitors. The focus of this website is on athletic and sports monitors that runners, bikers, swimmers, triathletes, and other fitness conscious individuals would use.

If you would like to learn more about medical monitors like baby heart rate monitors you should check out WebMd.com or another authoritative medical website, or talk to your doctor. He or she should be able to recommend a monitor for you to purchase if you want or need to monitor someone’s heart rate on your own for medical purposes.

Now looking just at the sports market there are three types of heart rate monitors; chest strap models, wrist monitors which are also called strapless heart rate monitors, and ring monitors which can be worn on your finger. All of these, with the exception of ring monitors, are extremely accurate when compared to an actual electrocardiograph (EKG). An EKG is the most accurate and medically accepted way to measure heart rate.

The primary differences among heart rate monitor brands lies in the following:

  1. The accuracy of the monitor in recording your heart rate at various exertion levels from resting to max heart rate.
  2. The types of features offered with each monitor. Features vary greatly among models. To find out more about what features to look for in a heart rate monitor, check out our article on Features to Consider Before You Buy a Heart Rate Monitor.
  3. How easy the monitor is to use in terms of programming and being able to follow the owner’s manuals.
  4. Price – monitor prices range from less than $30 to over $400.

Here is what you can expect from each type of monitor.

Chest Strap Monitors

Chest strap heart rate monitors consist of two pieces of equipment, a wrist watch or receiver and a chest strap. The chest strap fits around your chest and has a transmitter with electrodes that touch your skin and measure the electrical impulses coming from each beat of your heart. The strap can be made of a variety of different materials with fabric models being the most comfortable. Most electrodes are sewn into the inside of the strap while the transmitter, which is usually made of hard plastic, is on the outside.

The chest strap transmits all of your heart rate data to your wrist watch where it’s analyzed in a variety of different ways. If you’re a cyclist, the receiver can fit on the handle bars of your bike. Sometimes with chest strap monitors you get interference from cell phone towers, power lines, or other wireless devices because the signals need to be sent through the air from the chest transmitter to the watch. The interruption is typically short lived though as you run, bike, or swim past the source of interference.


  • Lets you move about and workout freely without having to touch a wrist monitor to take a heart rate reading.
  • Provides a constant, steady stream of data about your heart rate and performance.
  • Highly accurate.


  • Some users may find the chest strap annoying or uncomfortable.
  • Signals may be interrupted or momentarily inaccurate due to interference from other radio signals like power lines, cell phone towers or other heart rate monitors.

Wrist Monitors

Wrist monitors work without the chest strap, hence the name strapless heart rate monitors. These types of monitors are extremely accurate and immune to any type of digital interference that can happen with chest strap monitors. There is no transference of signals between devices and all of the heart rate data is taken and analyzed in the device on your wrist.

To get your heart rate measured on a wrist monitor you need to put either one or two fingers, depending on the brand, onto the watch. A wrist monitor will not measure your heart rate constantly over time like a chest strap monitor will. It will only record your heart rate when you touch it. So the more you touch it, the more data you have to work with and plan your workouts. But constantly have to touch a wrist monitor can be a real pain, especially for some sports like swimming.


  • You don’t have to wear a chest strap, which many people feel is uncomfortable or annoying.
  • You won’t have any interference from other radio signals.
  • Highly accurate.


  • You have to periodically touch the watch to get a heart rate reading which means you are not getting a constant reading like with a chest strap monitor. This is not practical and can be very distracting for swimmers, cyclists, and runners.

Ring Monitors

There are only a few brands of ring monitors out there on the market and they are mainly for casual exercisers who just want to get a ballpark feel for their heart rate. The main reason for this is that they are not nearly as accurate as chest strap and wrist monitors when compared to an electrocardiograph. The accuracy of ring monitors tends to decrease the harder you exercise. Most users say that the resting heart rate measure on ring monitors is accurate, but as their heart rate increases their ring monitors become grossly inaccurate.


  • Very compact, comfortable, and easy to wear and use.
  • You won’t have any interference from other radio signals.
  • Constant measure of your heart rate. You don’t need to touch anything to get a reading.


  • Not as accurate as other type of monitors.

Within each type of heart rate monitor category like chest strap models and wrist monitors, there are different makes and models. These range from basic models to very advanced computers.

Basic Heart Rate Monitors

Basic models come in at the lower end of the price scale and have a small number of features. They generally will record your heart rate and how long you exercised so that you can review the information at the end of your workout. They should also show the time that you spent in, and above or below your target heart rate zone. Many have alarms and calorie counters that tell you how many calories you burned during your workout. Basic models will also show the time so you can use them as regular watches as well.

Intermediate Heart Rate Monitors

Intermediate models have all of the same features as basic models and usually add zone alarms, which make the monitor beep when you go above or below your target heart rate zone. Many also add in stopwatches and the ability to measure laps or split times if you’re doing an interval workout. You can also set multiple target heart rate zones during a single workout and measure heart rate recovery which is how quickly your heart rate returns to normal after a hard workout. Heart rate recovery is a good general measure of overall fitness.

Advanced Monitors

Advanced monitors will have all of the same features of the other two levels but add some very exciting technological features. These include things like GPS tracking to accurately measure your distance, speed, and even altitude, as well as foot pod data which will record your pace. Advanced models will even tell you how to train. They analyze your training session and tell you whether you over or under trained and how hard you should go at it for your next workout. With an advanced model like the Suunto t6c heart rate monitor you will also be able to download all of the data to your computer for tracking and analysis. Some models will even download data automatically, wirelessly to the device of your choosing. Such a wealth of data can be crucial when planning your workouts and can really take your fitness and race success to the next level.

3 Best Heart Rate Monitor Reviews

Garmin Forerunner 310

 The Garmin Forerunner 310XT GPS Personal Trainer with optional pulse rate is a must-have for any triathlete. As a GPS-enabled training device, the Garmin Forerunner 310XT offers such a lot over the competition. Its rugged style makes it an essential training tool for triathletes, providing superior data following also as water-resistance up to 164 foot (50m). Finally a heart rate monitor that can work with you while you are within the water.


Suunto Ambit2 

All you would like for outside sports – navigation, speed, altitude, weather, optional pulse rate and options for running, biking and swimming. Thousands of Suunto Apps available to feature new functionalities to your watch. Packed in a optical fibre reinforced casing with battery lifetime of 16/50 hours, Ambit2 is prepared for any journey.



Polar FT4 

The Polar FT4 heart rate monitor is that the ideal coaching companion for anyone who wants a basic heart rate monitor that keeps things easy. With an easy-to-use style and easy options, the Polar FT4 is a excellent choice for recreational exercisers or people who wish to get started with heart rate training.


Makers of heart rate monitors are providing different options and facilities for users. It is up to the users that they make the types of selections. There are many new models and types in these monitors which are launched in the market from time to time. It is easy to invest some money and get the monitors for improved working of heart. There are many people who are using different types of monitors in routine. You can make your selection and get the desired monitors at any time.

Online modes are helpful in getting details about different types of heart rate monitors. Many companies are providing details about monitors through internet. Websites of different companies are available with offers and packages so that users could purchase a new monitor. Simple monitors are cost effective but provide reduced details. You can take start with a simple monitor and then update it with time. If you can afford to purchase an expensive monitor then you can invest some money and have many benefits. It is easy to use these monitors as these are made in a user friendly manner.

If you are not willing to invest huge amounts in heart rate monitors then you can choose the economical models. Those monitors which have sensors are basic models and are economical. You have to work hard and apply efforts for getting details through such models. When you are saving money in getting monitors then you have to put efforts. With some investment for getting advanced models you can get good results in the form of reduced manual working and better details. With these details you are on your way to get the best results and follow a healthy plan.

Demand of heart rate monitors is increasing with time and many people are using them in routine. With these monitors any person is able to get the best results in the form of effective details and suitable plan for working and dealing with extra fats. Many people can reduce the extra fats from their bodies by using these monitors without extra burden on their hearts. When you are using these monitors then you are on your way to get rid of extra fats and have healthy heart with many other benefits. These benefits will be obtained naturally and you will see useful results in some time period. Many types of monitors are available in the market. If you have a basic monitor then you can purchase an advanced monitor as well for getting useful details.You can remove extra fats from your body and have strong and healthy heart by using these monitors at any time.

Why You Need a Heart Rate Monitor?

Heart rate monitor is helpful for checking the working and conditions of heart. Users are able to use it for making sure that their heart is working well as per the standard figures. As the sweating beads up about your skin, your respiration gets hefty, your muscles become restricted, and you sense like your system will quit about you. You might be reaching the horrible “wall” that numerous athletes encounter, you might be planning to max out the strength in the body weight area, or you might perhaps be placing in optimum attempt to the at residence DVD exercise. Irrespective of exactly what you tend to be carrying out that has pressed you the stage of close to actual tiredness, you need to ensure you remain away from the actual Red Zone or perhaps Red-Line Zone when you are heading to carry on to complete your competition, your repetitions, or your exercise.

THE RED ZONE            

The actual red zone is a comparable assortment that is determined at 90% to 100% of the optimum heart rate. Inside this area you are using the greatest amount of energy feasible, nevertheless the bulk of them tend to be coming through carbohydrates, which means you are never increasing fat burn. Exactly what is essential to be aware regarding the actual red zone will be that, most individuals may only remain in this area for a few minutes. In addition, those that may are very wholesome. An additional way to consider regarding this area is, the period while you tend to be huffing as well as puffing, and regardless of what you carry out you cannot manage to get your breathing.

Presently there is a period and a spot for the particular red zone plus that will be interval training. The Interval training will be brief bursts of strength that permit you to boost your private restrictions, accompanied by prolonged intervals of relaxation. Interval training can be generally set aside for people that are performing more intense or rigorous exercises. However for most individuals that merely need to possess a great reliable exercise, or who desire to be capable to proceed for a work without getting to cease every couple of minutes, hold yourself inside a reduced zone, like the Fitness or perhaps Aerobic Zones.

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Alright, thus you are desperate to melt away the body fat, which is not nowadays! You need to determine which zone will be likely to carry out that. In the most fundamental stage, the particular Fitness zone (60% to 70% of highest heart rate) can shed the most body fat, arriving inside at 85% regarding calories used coming from body fat. Nevertheless the quantity of energy that you shed is dependent on the duration of your exercise. As an example, when you exercise for a single hour, remaining inside the exercise area, and you shed 500 calories, you tend to be using 425 calories through body fat!

With regard to the typical individual, keeping in the exercise zone will be exactly where nearly all of the exercise takes place, which is excellent for those seeking to shed body fat. You understand you are inside the workout zone while your inhaling is hefty, however you may still for brief sentences.

There tend to be a variety of various methods that you may figure out your optimum heart rate; even so the earliest and most trustworthy technique is to consider your age and then subtract it through 220. Therefore as an example, suppose that your age is 35 years. Then you will get results by using this formula to 185 Beats for each Minute. This will be your maximum Heart Rate.

As soon as you have the optimum heart rate, it is possible to figure out what the red zone will be, in addition to what the fitness zone will be. In this illustration, the particular red zone might be roughly 167 to 185 beats for each minute, plus the particular fitness zone might be about 111 to 130 beats for each minute.

No one wishes to cease their exercise and check their pulse from the watch, and this is what can make investment in the heart rate monitor a real excellent choice. Heart rate monitors enable you to maintain track regarding your existing rate, which indicates you may ensure that you tend to be remaining in the area that is proper for you. A few of the best heart rate monitors not just keep track of what your present heart rate will be however, they may track the number of calories you get used up, what the existing area will be that you tend to be inside, and even the exercise background.

Anybody that isn’t certain when they must commit in the heart rate monitor requires to request on their own a couple of queries:

1. Am I exercising a normal schedule?

2. Do I need to shed excess fat and/or enhance my stage of individual health?


When the response to both of the queries is sure, subsequently the heart rate monitor is nearly a vital. For individuals that are exercising a normal schedule, the heart rate monitor may permit you to increase the outcomes of your exercises. Anybody that desires to shed body fat or improve their degree of health requires understanding what heart rate area they tend to be within, to be able to attain their objectives. Those people who are using heart rate monitor can get good results in the form of healthy and strong health for good health.

Get a heart rate monitor so you can tell specifically what your pulse rate is, and what zone you’re in so you able to either, burn the foremost fat or increase your level of personal fitness.  Once you’ve got the ability to measure your pulse rate throughout a workout, you’ve got the ability to see exactly what quite results you’re going to get. You can browse lots of good heart rate monitors from Amazon